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Dr. Elie Najem: I Grant Wishes Pet Rescue, INC 

Dr. Elie

Founder – Author

100% of proceeds goes to feeding hungry pets nationwide and medical treatments


A white and brown kitten sitting on top of a bed.
A cat is sitting on the ground looking at the camera.
A woman sitting on the floor with two cats.
A person holding their cat 's paws over the head of it.

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How Can I Rescue Hungry Pets?

Feeding hungry kitties is not cheep. In support of Dr. Elie Najem's mission to provide care to these needy pets, we offer our exclusive line of cosmetic products. All proceeds generated are dedicated to the rescue of hungry cats.

A woman holding a siamese cat in her arms.
A woman holding a siamese cat in her arms.

Dr. Elie Pet Rescue

“Your house will always be blessed with love, laughter, and friendship if you have a cat.”

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